Unique St. Pete Neighborhoods

St. Petersburg offers a wide selection of gay friendly neighborhoods; from sleek urban settings to traditional suburbia. Since it is one of the more progressive areas of Tampa Bay, there is no "gay ghetto" as such. We don’t need one. So whatever your preferred style of living, we have many options for you.

Historic Neighborhoods

St. Petersburg’s first great expansion occurred during the 1920’s. Most of this era’s neighborhoods have survived with their Arts and Crafts, Mediterranean Revival and Colonial Revival homes intact. Many feature period brick streets, hexblock sidewalks and mature oak trees. These neighborhoods tend to be located on higher ground, even when in walking distance of the Bay. Thus eliminating the need for flood insurance.

Historic Old Northeast is the best known of these neighborhoods. Located in walking distance of Tampa Bay and downtown, it is considered by many to be the ideal location making it one of the more expensive neighborhoods. It has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Historic Kenwood is reasonably priced and has some of the finest arts and crafts bungalows you will find anywhere. It is also on the National Register of Historic Places. It has long been a favorite with members of our community.

Other historic neighborhoods include Roser Park, which is also on the national Register, Old Southeast, Euclid/St Paul’s, Woodlawn, Historic Round Lake, Crescent Lake and Crescent Heights.

All have strong neighborhood associations and many hold monthly "porch parties" when neighbors gather at someone’s home and spend an evening socializing. It is this spirit of inclusiveness that many gays and Lesbians find so welcoming.

Traditional Neighborhoods

The city’s next major expansion occurred in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Located further from downtown, the neighborhoods developed during this period feature one story ranch style homes and are what most think of as a traditional Florida neighborhood.

Many homes from this period feature terrazzo floors and are prime candidates for those interested in "retro" design.

Pinellas Point is one such neighborhood. Those areas near the water, especially the "Pink Streets" can be expensive. But others parts are a genuine bargain. A fact not lost on "family" members.

Another traditional neighborhood that is popular with members of our community is Tropical Shores. Some of the homes face Tampa Bay, others are on canals and the rest have no water access. Homes with water views and/or access are much more expensive than those that do not.

Two other traditional neighborhoods that merit consideration are Maximo Moorings and Broadwater. Here you will also find homes that are on canals and have water views and those that do not. Again, prices will vary accordingly.

Urban Living

Nationwide we are experiencing a return to urban living.

With its downtown facing the waterfront with its parks and marinas, St. Petersburg was in a unique position to develop many wonderful condominiums, townhouses and lofts to meet the growing demand. This is happening right now.

Here you will find the art galleries, café style restaurants as well as grocery shopping and other conveniences. Prices vary and there are many options from which to choose.

Up and Coming Neighborhoods

Revitalization and "the gays" seem to go hand in hand. And for those looking to find such an opportunity there are several choices. Old Southeast and Historic Round Lake are two historic neighborhoods that come to mind.

Central Oak Park is perhaps the best known area where gays are currently moving and making an impact. Houses here were built from the 1920s through the 1940s. Centrally located you are only minutes from downtown or the beaches.

Nowhere else in Florida will you find such a rich variety of gay friendly options. If you are new to the area or considering relocating here, let us arrange for an experienced Real Estate professional to show you our city.